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MiniLyrics_7.6.31 Full Version

MiniLyrics_7.6.31 Full Version - Display lyrics for your favorite music! 
  • Lyrics plugin software for iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc. You do not need to change the way you enjoy music.
  • Display scrolling lyrics, you can follow along with the artist and catch every word.
  • Automatically search and download lyrics.
  • Huge lyrics database, and it is expanding every day.
  • Download and save lyrics in your song files, you can view it on your iPod or iPhone.
  • Amazing translucency skins.

  • Automatic lyrics display for your favorite songs
  • Never expired trial version
  • Cool skins
  • Wild compatibility for 13 players
MiniLyrics supports: 
  • Winamp
  • Windows Media Player
  • Foobar2000
  • Apple iTunes
  • RealPlayer
  • Quintessential Player
  • Musicmatch Jukebox
  • MediaMonkey
  • The KMPlayer
  • JetAudio
  • Yahoo! Music Engine
  • J. River Media Center
  • J. River Media Jukebox
  • XMPlay
  • BSPlayer

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